Turn Dialogue Voices On/Off and Fast Forward Dialogues

During cinematics

Press ESC to open a speed selection window. This cannot be used when the camera is moving.

During the game

Chat message "-speed" opens a speed selection menu.

Waiting - Chapter 1: Defenders of Dwarvenkind only

After Modi Stonerunner, Dwarven Scout Captain, has visited you, you can opt to reduce time on the timer by waiting. There are two wait commands:

Type "-wait" as a chat message to wait until the Circle of Ner'zhul is completed.

Type "-wait" and a number as a chat message to wait that many minutes.

Example: "-wait 10" reduces the time on the timers by 10 minutes.

You do not gain resources during waiting. Waiting only reduces the timers, and it is meant to be used to minimize the idle time before the undead launch the attack.